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    You may create an account at RubyFam.com's FREE Arcade. You may only create one account for yourself. By creating an account here you will be able to save your favorite games, be updated on new games arriving, and be eligible for contests when we have them. When you create an account you may interact with other players on RubyFam Free Arcade as well. When you enter your information in your social profile, your username and password will be private and your profile information is public to our website. The information you post on our site should only be for entertainment purposes only. Never list phone numbers, addresses or personal information you would otherwise not want someone to see publicly.

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    Some of our games require you to log in to enjoy some of the benefits of the game. The log in for these games are not the same as your RubyFam FREE Arcade log in. Each one of these types of games has their own set of privacy policies and you acknowledge and accept these policies by registering inside the game and playing. The registration page of these games will show you where to find the privacy policies. If you are having trouble finding the policies please contact us and we will help you to locate them. If ever you are in doubt simply do not register for the game. If you feel one of the game developers has abused your privacy in anyway please contact us so that we may investigate the nature of your problem.

    You need an account with games.RubyFam.com to post comments on boards and we ask that you keep your comments civil (silly comments are allowed we aren't all serious here =P ). Not all comments are moderated before we allow posting. If you find something that may have past our moderators we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to report it so that we may have the comments removed. Posting uncivil comments after being rejected several times can lead to your account being banned and black listed from our site. When using the RubyFam FREE Arcade comments and/or forum boards you are NOT allowed to use;

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    DMCA | Proprietary Rights of the Games

    Most of the published games are submitted or suggested to us by their creators, proprietary rights owners. RubyFam FREE Arcade can not always confirm if user submitted games have respected the others intellectual properties or rights. Upon receiving notification in accordance with any related copyright organization or owner, RubyFam FREE Arcade will immediately disable and remove games in question, with our deepest apologies. Please be advised though that if you file false claims RubyFam.com reserves the right to file charges under false claims. If such an extreme case happens you could be liable for courts costs, attorney fees and damages due to the removal of a game (lost revenue). Please submit your DMCA claims in writing to;

    RubyFam FREE Arcade
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    or email CustomerService@RubyFam.com

    The NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis, Sega Master System, and Atari sections have been designed for the purpose of an archiving project to conserve these games. All of these games have been provided by someone who owns a physical copy of the game or we own a physical copy of the game. We offer all these games to play for free. We only ask that you create an account so as to block bots from crawling these sections of our site. RubyFam FREE Arcade is not affiliated with any of the game systems or game publishers. All trademarks are the sole property of these game publishers and systems. If you have a rom you wish to submit AND you own the physical copy of the game use our submit link at the top of the page to submit the game.

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