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    Some of the benefits of registering rather than just playing as a guest include;

    The ability to save your high scores in many of our fun games.

    Use the user control panel where you can edit your profile, change your avatar and private message friends you have here in the arcade.

    Gain access to our Nintendo (NES), Atari 2600, Super Nintendo (SNES), Sega and all our future retro style games (Registration is required to play these games).

    As a registered member you are included when we hold contests and we notify you when we have contests for certain games in the arcade where you can be added to a top player list.

    Receive prizes just for playing games in our contests!

    It's free, easy, and we won't bomb your mailbox with spam. The only messages we send are about the Arcade and you can tell us in your user settings if you don't even wish to receive those emails (although its hard to tell you about contests then.)

    Need I add more. So come on and sign up. You can even register using your Facebook account by clicking on the login with Facebook button at the top of the website. Register now and see if you can get the highests scores against other members in the arcade! :)

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