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    Abobos Big Adventure

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    Abobos Big Adventure
    PLEASE NOTE: This game contains animated blood and violence. Parental Discretion is advised.

    You are Abobo and your son has been kidnapped! You must battle through some of the NES's greatest evil villian character's of all time rescue him.

    Not only do you have to fight through these classic games, but you must adapt to the varying gameplay styles. From beatemup, to underwater platformer, to side-scroller, to top-down dungeon crawler, wrestling, run-and-gun, punching, and MOAR!

    Oh, and did we mention BOSSES?! There will be plenty Mini-bosses, medium bosses, large bosses, and ultra-huge multi-stage bosses to assault you at every step of your journey.

    Abobo's path is a long and hard one, he'll encounter more enemies than any single character has ever had to fight before, but this is Abobo we're talking about here. He has the heart of a lion... probably because he actually punched a lion and ate its heart!

    Abobo will stop at nothing to save his beloved son, Aboboy. So are you ready to unleash his rage in this violent world of pixelated foes? You better be. If you're not, Abobo may pummel you too.

    Save Game: Automatic! ("Level Select" on main menu)
    Move: Arrow Keys
    Action 1: "A" Key
    Action 2: "S" Key
    Rage Move: "A"+"S" (When Rage is Full)
    Pause: "P" Key
    Main Menu: "M" Key at any time

    If you love this game be sure and DONATE to the guys who put their sweat and love into this game.


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